Doringcourt Horse Boarding Stables

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How lucky am I to have known Chrissy for more than 20 years! I stabled with her a long time ago until I was able to have my dream of having my horses at my home. When this became unmanageable and I needed to find a home for Tessa, Chrissy was the only person that would take care of her as I would.

Over the years Chrissy taught me about horses, hauling and being confident in my ability to care for my horse. I would strongly recommend her stables to anyone who was looking for a great place to call home.

I came for lessons and now I have two horses.  Doringcourt is a friendly and encouraging learning environment conveniently located between work and home.  As someone who started riding later in life, I appreciate access to top quality professionals including Doringcourt owner Chris Smith and my riding instructor Pat Parker.  Both Chris and Pat go above and beyond to offer helpful advice and support.

Both of my horses were born at Doringcourt and have grown up to be fantastic riding partners.  I have complete confidence they are in a secure and caring facility.  They live with their friends under the trees with access to hay and plenty of space to roam.  The daily grain feeding time is a well-organized routine managed by Chris and others who understand the dietary needs of each individual horse.  Chris also lives directly adjacent to the horse pastures.  She is out on the grounds almost every time I am there with her eyes on the horses and other animals.

With access to trails and arenas, Doringcourt is the perfect place where I can go and simply enjoy being with my horses.

I cannot say enough about the staff and facilities at Doringcourt.  The staff truly treats my horse as one of their own.  It really gives me a sense of peace to know that my horse is looked after if I cannot be at the stables.  The round pens and arena are well taken care of and there are hundreds of acres in which to trail ride.  As a boarder, my horse has access to a farrier and a great Veterinarian for all routine treatments and emergency situations.  Chris Smith is a wonderful person, understands horses and is always there on site if needed.  During these turbulent times, it has become a haven for both my horse and me.  I really feel lucky to have found such a great facility.

A wonderful, safe, secluded place to board your horse where they will be well fed with quality grain and hay.  Round bales available to your horse 24/7.  Huge pastures, many acres in a natural, treed setting.  Top notch, ethical, professional management by people you can trust. (Sometimes hard to find in the horse business).   The owner, Chris, is knowledgeable, helpful, fair and kind to people and horses alike.  Worming schedule, on site farrier, farm visits by the great Dr. Ball, DVM.  Highly recommend!

Last year I adopted my quarter horse C. G. from a kill pen and needed to find a place to keep her pretty quickly!  Fortunately I was lucky enough to find Doringcourt Stables!  I absolutely love it!  Chris has always been so helpful and I love the fact they they are open 24/7.  I highly recommend this beautiful and peaceful place to everyone!  Thank you Chris!

We have had our herd of 3 horses at Doringcourt for about 3 years and they think they are in heaven.  They are not in stalls and able to roam with the rest of the larger herd as well as having hay available 24/7.  We are able to go out and work with the horses at any time without restrictions.  There are 2 round pens as well as an arena . . . all are lighted.  The atmosphere out at the barn is friendly and helpful.  My husband and I have developed several friendships at the barn.  I highly recommend Doringcourt if you want to have a place to board your horses that is a safe property that is well cared for and great atmosphere.

Alley’s home is Doringcourt Stables and he is so very happy!  He is a different horse than when we arrived in January 2016.  If any of you are looking for a place where a horse can be themselves & live with their kind on acres of land where they can run & roam around in a natural habitat, then this ranch is the home for your large four legged friends.  Chris & her family, including Tuck to make sure things are always taken care of, & the donkeys are there to protect the animals that call Doringcourt Stables home.  If you have children, what a wonderful place to bring them to learn the true meaning of Horsemanship.  Lessons are available and no one is too young or old to learn this awesome way of life.  Please come out & check this place for yourself!  Happy horses are the best horses!!

We love it here at Doringcourt Stables!  The property is very clean, safe and has a positive atmosphere and everyone is very friendly and helpful.  They have miles of trails, 2 extra large shaded round pens and a huge arena.  I have boarded my 3 horses here for about a year now and they are very healthy and happy from the love and care they receive from the owner, Chris and her assistant, Tammy.  Chris makes you feel like family the moment you meet her and she treats the horses as her own.  We are very happy to have found such a wonderful place here at Doringcourt Stables!

I love Doringcourt!  My horse is well taken care of.  He gets high quality feed and as much of it as he needs.  Hay is always avilable to him.  The staff checks him every day to make sure he has not hurt himself, and if he needs attention, I’m told, but ememgency care is started immediately.

Pat Parker, the riding instructor, is fabulous.  She knows horses and can easily explain to riders how to get the most out of their mounts.  I highly recommend riders board their horses at Doringcourt.  The horses and owners will be happy.

Dear Chris:

I just wanted to let you know, one more time, how delighted we are with the horse purchased from you!

Driving 900 miles hoping to purchase a horse we’d never seen before was certainly a first for us.  But your professionalism, honesty and helpful attitude made it an easy decision.  And we are SO glad we did.  He’s everything you described to us and more, a genuine jewel, at a rediculously reasonable price.  The longer we have him, the more we appreciate you making it possible to bring this perfectly matched horse into our lives.  You, and everyone at Doringcourt, made us feel instantly at home, free to ask questions, take our time to get to know him – even including a free lesson on our new horse with an amazing teacher!

We left feeling like we were truly a part of the Doringcourt “family” and couldn’t be more pleased with, and grateful for, our new boy.  We would recommend you most highly to anyone looking for that once in a lifetime Dream Horse.

Chris is great!  I’ve been going there since I was a little girl.  What she does for her animilas is absolutely amazing.

Phenomenal boarding location!  Great staff!

They live up to their reputation!  Great staff, super helpful and friendly.  Instructor was patient and sweet.  Horses seem like they’re at home here.  Had a great first leson!  And first impressions matter so they did a perfect first day for me!

Love Miss Chrissy

Doringcourt is a fun, family friendly environment with continuous adventures!  Though I have not been there for really long, I already call it my second home!

Doringcourt Stables, providing a home for horses that best suits their natural lifestyle.

Relatively new to Texas, I was looking for a home for my horse that would give him an environment to fit his needs, focus on his equine instincts for a healthy lifestyle with 24/7 ‘on the grounds’ supervision.  After exploring several options, it became obvious that Doringcourt was the best choice for Reggie and me!

Doringcourt provides an unmatchable scenic home with the beauty of the Texas Hill Country.  Chris, the owner of Doringcourt, has the experience and intuition to make sure Reggie’s needs are priority.  The Doringcourt lifestyle is key to him getting the care and attention, on a regular basis, from the best equine professionals in Texas which come directly to the stables!

Reggie’s herd companions also give him the family he needs to feel safe 24/7, around the clock.  He has the freedom to roam the grounds with mother natures protection when incliment weather happens to occur.  I love that he is not confined to a stall!

A good book to read when considering a place to board your horse companion; “The Soul of a Horse” by Joe Camp.  After I read it, I was confident choosing Doringcourt was the best home for us!

Having had a horse facility, I know how much work it is to take care of everything and evry animal.  I think Chris does an excellent job.  She has a good system in place and really cares about the animals and people.  There are trails to ride or an arena to work in, depending on the discipline you are involved in.  There is a trainer if you want that.  She’s thought of everything.  I don’t worry about my horse being cared for when I can’t be there.  Chris arranges the vet and farrier appointments.  She always answers the phone when you call.  It is hard to find a stable where you trust the owner to take care of your horse as you would.  Doringcourt is such a stable.

Doringcourt is our home away from home.  Everyone from boarders to the owners are friendly and all the animals are super sweet.  My children love spending hours on end just hanging out and riding.  They never want to leave.  And if you are looking for that one horse, Chris is the lady who can match you up.  We are very grateful to Chris who matched us up with an amazing horse, Rey.  Rey is our sunshine and life has never been better.  We all can’t wait to get out to Doringcourt to see our Rey and relax under the oak trees with her sweet self.

I cannot think of enough good things to say about Doringcourt and Chrissy . . . I boarded my horse here after having to move her from two prior locations due to negligence (one for malnutrition and another for mismanagement).  I have been so happy with the staff and conditions here.  I was nervous about boarding my horse just in pasture, but Chrissy assured me that my horse would be safe and happy.  I do not get to visit often but I am certain of my horse’s safety and health.  When I do get to visit, my horse is having a great time with her friends and could not be more active.  Chrissy handles it all, even the vet visits.  She is quite accommodating to situations and requests and tries her best to be patient and human with everyone.  She is running a business but she is not an unemotional robot about it.  I highly suggest anyone with equine boarding needs visit her soon.

I have been at Doringcourt for 2 years.  Chris is an amazing person and very approachable.  She has the wonderful quality of being there if you need something, but not invasive like so many other places I have boarded.  I like how there are big round bales of hay available 24/7 and Chris helps us busy owners by scheduling farrier and veterinary visits.

Dear Chris,

As we look into a New Year I wanted to say THANK YOU and express my deep APPRECIATION for Doringcourt.

I can’t say enough how much my entire family appreciates Doringcourt’s exceptional service and accommodations.  Doringcourt has become an integral part of my family’s daily lives and would never imagine this four years ago.  As I shared with you before, I was just a Dad trying to fulfill my daughters dream.

Someone with no equine experience could have made a big mistake finding a horse for my ten year old daughter, but you made the entire process enjoyable and life changing.

Seeing my Daughter gain confidence, responsibilities and commitment to be the best rider has been priceless.  Did I mention the added benefits of sharing the “farm” with my extended family to appreciate the additional animals roaming the property?

Thanks again and appreciate the friendship.


The entire Van Der Most Family

Doringcourt is not just a great place to board your horse, I call it “my sanctuary” away from the daily stresses of life!  I love the atmosphere and everyone is so nice and friendly.

We have boarded my daughter’s horse at Doringcourt for two years.  Chris makes you feel like family and is always so helpful.  As a novice to horse ownership, I tend to ask a lot of questions and Chris and her staff are very knowledgeable and are happy to help.

Our horse loves all the open space she has to roam and I have never had to worry about her care – she is in great hands with Chris and her staff at Doringcourt Stables!

I have had horses for over 30 years and I have to say this is my favorite place for many reasons.  Most important is it’s the best place where a horse can be a horse.  There are tons of acres to ride on as well.  My kids love petting the goats, llamas, ponies and donkeys as well as collecting fresh laid eggs from the chickens.  They have an arena and two round pens to warm up or train your horse.  I love sitting back, having a drink with my friends, watching the kids ride.  I would definitely recommend this facility to friends and family.

We’ve had our horses out here for 10+ years and love the care our horses have received.  It’s such a friendly and open environment for everyone and Chris, The owner, has shown us (and our horses) so much love and respect.  It’s truly and amazing place!

It is contagious watching Chris and the gang loving what they do –and their charges know it too!  I have never seen my horses get such committed and individualized care.  I never have to worry about any of my mare’s needs being overlooked.  If I had a bucket list for boarding and caring for my horse, Doringcourt would far exceed it!  Atta Girl!

We have boarded our horse here for over 3 years.  He has never been healthier and happier!  We love the facility; close to town, easy to get to and the staff is exceptional.  Many other animals to enjoy on property, we love the bunnies.  Farm fresh eggs are available to buy from all the different varities of chickens.  The trails are nice.  The tack rooms are great!  We love Doringcourt.

Me and my palomino paint have been at Doringcourt for almost a year now and I just love it.  We had been at another boarding facility previously and Maverick was kept cooped up all day either in his stall or in a pen.  I started looking for a place where he could roam with other horses in open pasture land and Doringcourt was at the top of the list.  Finally a place where my horse could be a horse!  I called Chris, the owner, to see if it’d be alright if I came by to check the place out before we talked about moving.  She was so friendly on the phone and of course told me to come on by.  She showed me around and I instantly fell in love.  It was perfect.  There was fresh water, a constant abundance of the best hay around, trails to ride on and even a beautiful live spring at the top of the hill.  It’s definitely a place that you could feel right at home.  Everyone is very friendly and always happy to help.  It’s also a great place to learn if you’re a beginner like myself.  Don’t waste your money on another place and come to beautiful Bulverde, TX and check out Doringcourt Stables!

Doringcourt is heaven on earth for horses and owners.  Chris Smith is dedicated to giving the best care to the animals that board with her.  The horses are allowed to be herd animals as is their nature.  They play and frolic in a clean and safe environment.  I never have to worry about my thoroughbred being lonely.  He has his best friends and enjoys his freedom and is always happy to see me.  Unlike many stables, Chris accommodates her boarders by having onsite vet and farrier visits.  I never have to worry about my horse’s feet or his general health.  He is always taken care of.  For that I am eternally grateful.  My horse “Breeze” is in top physical condition and I have Chris to thank for that.  The place is immaculate and it’s beautiful and peaceful.  I also consider it a snob-free zone.  People don’t judge you – – something that is all too common at many boarding facilities.  However you choose to ride – – whether it be bareback, western or full dressage, you are welcomed.  The pricing is extremely fair.  Know that you will get top quality feed and owners that care about your animals.  What more could you ask?  I am so grateful that I don’t have to ever worry about my horse.  He is in good hands.  He is happy, beautiful and enjoys a type of freedom that many stable horses never will.  I deeply appreciate Chris’s knowledge and kindness.  She loves animals and it shows.  If you can find a better place to board you precious equine, good for you.  As for me, Doringcourt is my final destination.

Doringcourt has been a sanctuary for me and my rescue horse, Tanky.  Tanky was not in good shape when we brought him to Chris and Doringcourt . . . sick, worn out, old, scraggly and scared.  But he had a sweet heart and Chris said he was a “good guy” and he would be fine.  She was right!!  He has flourished under her watchful eye.  She is an animal whisperer and loves all her critters and has a 6th sense about them and what they need.  I trust her totally with my “good guy”.  By the way, he looks fabulous now, is super healthy and is a perfect gentleman.  The people at Doringcourt are kind and helpful.  I always feel at home and part of the family.  Thank you, Chris!!

“I own a thoroughbred that I had at a farm in Kentucky only 5 minutes from Keenland race track.  Since she is retired from racing, I had her bred in Kentucky by a great stallion and wanted to bring her down here where I live and raise the foal.  I was very skeptical about finding a place down here after having her boarded at a “thoroughbred farm” in the bluegrass state which is the utopia for thoroughbreds.  I researched places down here to keep my beloved mare and knew I had to find a great place because not only do I love this animal but it is a big investment for me.  When I met Chris at Doringcourt I was immediately impressed!  I loved the way she genuinely cares for people and their horses.  The place is wonderful and I am so happy with the accommodations and my horse seems happier than ever.   Everything is first class here and the animals are very well taken care of.  It is such a joy and so therapeutic to go out to Doringcourt!  Chris is truly a blessing and has been so helpful to me insuring that my mare has the best care possible.  It is such a pleasure dealing with Chris and boarding my horse at Doringcourt!  I am extremely happy that I made the decision to choose Doringcourt!”

“I wish I had the ability to describe Doringcourt Stables in a way that would get its full worth across, but I can’t. So I will simply call it a blessing. Doringcourt, but more importantly, Chris Smith, is a huge blessing. As a college student with a single parent fully supporting me, I know when I am getting the most for my money, and at Doringcourt, you do. Chrissy runs this place with honesty, positive energy and with loyalty to her clients. She is always available to help me when I need it and always has my horse’s best interests in mind. Never once, has Chris not given my mom and myself the most affordable and suitable price she can offer. I recommend this place for boarding, lessons, and all around fun to anyone! I thank God everyday that I can call Chrissy my friend, and Doringcourt my place to board!”

“I can’t really say enough wonderful things about Doringcourt Stables.  From the moment my daughter and I stepped onto the grounds…we fell in love.  Chris Smith, the owner of Doringcourt, met with us, gave us a tour and made us feel at home.

“At home” is what Doringcourt became to my daughter.  She literally grew up there…and there is where her passion for horses evolved.  The environment is a place that is safe, loving and nurturing.  It is a world unto its own.

I would recommend Doringcourt to all those parents who want to provide an incredible experience of great memories for their children and teenagers….”

“Approximately 10 years ago my husband and I met Chris and Mike Smith through our love of horses. Since that time we have become friends and Chris has gone from a small collection of animals to quite a set up – Doringcourt Stables. The introduction to her website reminds me so much of myself and my grandfather it is surreal!

I have had the opportunity to have one of my horses visit Chris at Doringcourt for conditioning and some training and I can say without a doubt that she received just as good care there as she would have gotten at home. Chris has a love of animals that few of us have – and that love applies to people too. The care of her animals is first and foremost in the manner of care they receive.

My husband and I are extremely proud to know Chris and would trust her with our life as well as any horse, cow and even chickens that we own. To know Chris and Mike is to love them.”

“I boarded my horse at Doringcourt Stables from 2004-2006. It was a wonderful experience for me and for my horse. I was able to ride in a supportive atmosphere and more importantly my horse was well cared for and happy. The pasture had more than enough room for the horse to run free and yet they are separated during mealtimes. Chrissy checks each horse over at feeding time and is very conscientious about adding supplements or meds to the feed.  The stable provides a family environment and entertainment for holidays and bbqs. We had to move out of state,but if we get the chance to go back to Doringcourt, we will.”

“I sent a horse to Doringcourt that had been pastured for 10 years. I needed someone to assess him and put the first ride on him. Chris was wise with aligning one of her trainers, Erin Bell, with my gelding. This young lady surpassed my expectations in getting my horse safe for me.  There is a high standard of criteria that must be met between trainer and Doringcourt with respect to clients like myself.   Although Doringcourt is professional in their approach and care for horse and rider, its a warm environment that invites laughter and bonding; you just want to hang out until the sun goes down.”

“Not only is Doringcourt Stables a beautiful facility at which to board your horse, but it’s wonderful proprietor, Chris Smith, is a knowledgeable horsewoman and a great friend to have in your phone book! I found Doringcourt while in a tumultuous period in my life – I had just moved to Texas from out of state. I did not have to stress about my gelding, Slick, under the care of Chris. I knew he was in great hands. Chris cares for ALL the horses as if they were her own. The horses at Doringcourt live as nature intended, in a herd at pasture. It is a healthy and happy environment for any equine, and I cannot recommend it enough! Thanks Chris for all you have done!”

“We met our horse, Sundance, 3 years ago at Doringcourt and loved the place immediately! When we decided to adopt our horse we also decided to keep him at Doringcourt . . . we instantly felt like family.  Chris (owner) is like a wonderful mom to everyone including the horses. Our horse could not be happier with the good hay, good food, and great treatment he gets daily.  I believe there isn’t anything Chris won’t do for your horse. If she sees he needs something she’ll do it, if its an emergency she’s right on it.  We wouldn’t trust our precious Sundance to anyone else.

We appreciate having our own tack room, having 24 hours access to our horse, the well lit riding areas, and the safety of being on private property.

My very personal testimony to Chris is, my daughter fell off of her horse two years ago and without Chris’ fast thinking and quick reaction in a calm cool manner my daughter may have died or been paralyzed.

We have belonged to barns from New Jersey, to Japan, to Germany, but Doringcourt is the only one that has ever felt like home.”

“Doringcourt has made us and our horse happy!  Our dear little old horse (now almost 28 years old) has been lovingly and expertly cared for at Doringcourt.  She has needed a lot of extra attention and care due to her senior status, and we are most appreciative of the ways her needs have been met–plus Chris and her helpers have made us feel like part of their family! ”

“Doringcourt Stables – A special place for you and your special equine friend.   Without hesitation, Doringcourt Stables receives a 5-star rating in my book.  My horse is healthy, happy and thrives because of the daily, most nutritional grain and hay available on the market.  Also provided are weekly visits by a top notch farrier and access to the finest equine veterinarians in the area. The facilities include 2 round pens, a dressage arena, riding trails and individual tack rooms to store all your gear.  In addition, you can take advantage of some of the best trainers in the area, in all riding disciplines, for both you and your horse.   You get much more for your money as a member of the Doringcourt family – you get peace of mind and have lots of fun too!”

“We arrived at Doringcourt Stables about a year and a half ago with a “rescue” horse. Poor fella was in not so good of shape. Thanks to Chris Smith’s kindness and wisdom he turned around quickly. She knew exactly what nutrition he needed and how to care for the nasty wound on his shoulder. She rescued us!  “Diego” is now thriving. Our daughter Allison learned a great deal and enjoyed so much at Doringcourt  with the trail riding, the camaraderie with the other girls, the parties and the menagerie of animals. We often refer to Doringcourt as “horse heaven”.

“I love the Doringcourt website.  It has valuable information for horse owners like me who don’t board and I love looking thru all the pictures and seeing all the fun that your boarders have. The website is easy to navigate and it’s easy to locate the information I’m looking for. I absolutely love the new blog. Lots of good information is posted and I frequently check in to see what you’ve found for us.”

“We loved being at Doringcourt! The DC family really helped us with bringing home our first, second, and 1st baby Gyspy Vanner. Everyone is caring, helpful, and a big happy family!”

“Doringcourt is a very special place for horses.  It is owned by Chris Smith, a horse lover who values each one as part of her family.  She cares for them like her children.

Once you are a part of Doringcourt, it becomes your extended family where you are warmly greeted and encouraged to participate in all horse related education and fun.”

“When I first visited Doringcourt Stables I was immediately taken by Chris Smith, the owner. She has a true love and passion for horses and all animals that shows.  I enjoy the freedom the horses have to live outside and learn to get along in a herd environment.  Chris is very knowledgeable and has chosen farriers, vets and nutrition experts to facilitate the care the animals receive at her facility. Chris takes great care in observing the horses daily to make sure they are healthy and check if any medical attention is needed. This is very comforting and eases the mind when I am not able to check my horses myself.  As an instructor I appreciate the amenities provided: 2 lighted round pens for training horse and beginner riders and a dressage arena that is well maintained.  Chris is always looking to improve her facility and welcomes suggestions.  Chris has also provided an excellent family friendly environment and what a blessed family to be a part of!  Thank you Chris for all you do.”

“Doringcourt is a place where I could love horses and be surrounded by people who became part of my life. Chris Smith, owner, is a real person who is full of life, love, and wisdom.  Her family and animals are her life. I boarded my horse at Doringcourt and was always happy to drive in, saddle up and forget everything else.  The surrounding hill country, some of my sweetest and best friends and my horse and I.  Best memories!  All the responsibilities of horse ownership were made simple.  Chris kept me in the loop on my horse’s health and eased any anxiety that came up.  From the moment I called Doringcourt for my first riding lesson to this day, I consider Chris Smith my friend and counsel.  Thank you for the memories and for the days to come! ”

“Our family boarded several horses at Doringcourt where our daughters rode and enjoyed the beautiful facilities. Our horses were well cared for and seemed to be happy. Our daughters often took advantage of the riding trails as well. Chris Smith, the owner, and Pat Parker, who gave lessons to the girls are wonderful people who cared about the girls as well as the horses. We are so glad out paths crossed and we were able to spend time at their riding facility and with them!”

“I know my horse enjoys the trails, being outside 24 hours a day. Me. I enjoy all that, too, and the individual tack rooms to store all that stuff I think she needs!”

“We have boarded our horse, Oliver, at Doringcourt for six years. It is a safe place where my daughter has been able to connect with her horse, make lasting friendships and spend countless hours doing the things that every girl dreams of doing. Everyone is welcome at Doringcourt, whether to ride, eat good food, or just enjoy good company in the beautiful hill country. We have been to other barns, but we have never been as happy as we are here.”

“When my family and I relocated to San Antonio after Hurricane Rita, it was imperative that I found a location that would love my horse as if she were part of the family. Doringcourt has provided a loving and supportive environment that allowed for my beautiful mare to grow and mature. The convenience of having a farrier and vet with regularly scheduled visits simplifies my already hectic schedule. I will always be grateful to Chris Smith and Pat Parker for being so caring and knowledgeable about what a horse needs to be happy and healthy.”

“Dear Chris,

I know it has been way too long since we have seen each other.  I think of you often and what impact you have had on my life.  I thought it was due time you heard.

You offered a sanctuary to me and all the people who came to Doringcourt . . . and still do.  You gave me a place where my family could spend time together and share our passions.  You nurtured my dreams and those of my dearest best friends.  You showed us that love is what matters most in this world and will heal anything.  You gave me a horse whose second chance gave me mine.  You instilled in me a foundation of truth and respect that goes beyond my own life.

I want to thank you for what you are now doing in Devin.  I see beautiful changes in her.  You are helping her become the woman she will be for the rest of her life.  Thank you for all the opportunities and love you have freely and unconditionally given.”