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Doringcourt Horse Boarding Stables

and a whole lot more....


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The competition is tough when you're playing washers

She thinks she won . . . NOT

Liberty Hill Schooling Horse Show

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. A dip in the tank...

Tammy getting a ride on horse friend Fudgeii

Big Gus all braided up

BBQ at Doringcourt. The gangs all here, except those trail riding!!

Baby Hershey in his pajamas

Kellie and horse buddy Sundance

Emma, Erin & Liza performing in Bandera at a horse exhibition

Taylor's new horse buddy Bliss at his first vet visit with Jake...

Janna and horse gal Sassy

Saddle fitting and roping lessons from Lew Pewterbaugh at Bunk...


Just horsin' around . . . . Taylor, Kim, Cheryl & Tammy

Saphyra arrives at Doringcourt Stables

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