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Doringcourt Horse Boarding Stables

and a whole lot more....


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Halloween party . . . Bugs and his carrot

Bo & Liza at horse show

Emma with a new "DO" and horse buddy Mr. Dabs

"Are ya comin' out to feed or what?" Big Belgian horse Gus thinks...

Halloween party . . . Cheryl & horse Cali "taking a bath"

Mr. Dabs & Emma . . . to have a horse as a best friend is priceless

I've got a horse and everything . . . let's trail ride!

Win, Win, Win!!! Horse competition at it's best!

ADA Judge Kat Kyle instructing Emma on Mr. Dabs at one of our...

Our mascot J. R.

Relaxing at Liberty Hill Horse Show between rides

Air hug on horseback

Live spring at Doringcourt

Best buds Tammy & Cheryl hangin' out at the stables

Thoroughbred horse Bo & Liza

Cheryl just loves the rabbits

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