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Recommended Products

Once you enter a feed store you realize that there are a thousand products to choose from, and if you’re not familiar with them already, it’s anybody’s guess as to what to purchase. This is a list of products I have used and know to be really worth your money. As always, you should read the labels before administering ANY product to your equine friend, topical or otherwise.  Click on any item to learn more.


Kleenhanz > alcohol free antimicrobial wipe kills 99.99% of germs and is the next best thing to soap and water.  No drying effect that alcohol based products have, smells good and creates a softness to the skin.  The product will not boast of the following, but we have witnessed and had happen to ourselves the following:  Clears up acne, staff infection, eczema and aids in healing wounds.  We use it at Doringcourt for all types of wounds and eye infections on all animals.  Just FYI, it also will take off spills without leaving a ring, like blood, chocolate, spaghetti sauce, etc.  What a fabulous product and can be found in HEB.  70 towelette canister is usually featured in the baby wipe section and travel pack on the hanging rack in the check out line or in the travel section of the store.  Ask a supervisor if you can't find it.  Northeast School District uses it exclusively to promote attendance and it's saved them many thousands of dollars.  Amazing product!!!

Tri-Care > A "Must Have" in your arsenal of medications.  Antiseptic, Pain Killer, Fly Retardant and a great healing solution.

Betadine Scrub > to clean wounds and disinfect

Furall Spray > Medication for when you can’t rub Tri-Care on the wound and have to spray on medication

Vetericyn Spray > Anti-microbial spray that eliminates fungal, viral and bacterial skin problems on contact, even rain rot. (info)

Nu-stock > to replace hair from injury and scar removal after a wound has dried and scabbed over

Topical Fungicide > Aids in the control of summer itch, girth itch, ringworm and hoof problems

SuperGreen > A quick acting veterinary liniment  with many proven uses.  A specific treatment aid for:  Pulled and sore muscles, relieves pain, removes heat and swelling, open wounds heal FAST, burns, abscesses, arthritic joints, calcium deposits, leg tightener, body brace, bucked shins, osselets, bowed tendons, closes and heals infected wounds and burns from the inside out!   The secret of SuperGreen is in the processing that creates a safe but very effective medical liniment

Thermaflex Liniment with MSM > Provides instant, deep penetrating relief for sore muscles and joints

SWAT > for flies around eyes, ears

Santa Fe > Coat conditioner and even has a sun block to protect their skin. Smells good and promotes healthy hair

Kopertox > Water resistant protection for the treatment of thrush (hoof rot) in horses and ponies

Hoof Alive > The ONLY product to buy for hoof care. Great for your fingernails too. Restores natural texture of the hoof

EcoSmart Horse Fly Spray & Repellent > A revolutionary new green product that fights stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, face flies, horn flies, mosquitoes, gnats

Spurr's Big Fix > What a GREAT find this product is.  All natural wound, skin, hoof care.  Takes care of thrush, whiteline disease, hot spots, itching, ringworm and rainrot just to name a few.

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