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At Doringcourt we realize that though there are many types of riding disciplines, each should be taught and performed well, not just for competitive showing, but for a quality ride in any arena. We have hand picked our instructors for every individuals riding choice to help each rider enjoy the utmost pleasure in their riding experience. Please allow us to introduce you to the “Best of the Best” and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Pat Parker, Head Instructor

Over time I’ve come to realize that the quality of training, where horses are concerned, is due largely to the convictions of the person doing the training. In my opinion, quality horsemanship is hard to find. Years ago I was lucky enough to meet a woman who has literally educated me in all the equine areas we “think” we already know. What’s the old saying? You can’t know what you don’t know! What a rude awakening that was for me. She introduced me to the teachings of GaWaNi Pony Boy, author of “Horse Follow Closely” and “Of Women and Horses”, which gave me a better understanding of “respect of the herd”. So as I make this introduction, know that of all the instructors that are out there, she’s second to none.

You’ll see her articles frequent the Horse Gazette, and if you’re lucky enough to secure a spot as her student you’ll learn things your horse already knows and now you will too!

  • Dressage training through 3rd level
  • Training your own horse
  • Western & English riding
  • Purchasing a sound horse
  • Communicating with your horse
  • Saddle & Tack fitting
  • Pleasure & Trail riding
  • Adult fears
  • Drill Teams
  • Clinics
  • Contact Info:

830-496-1800 Cell